Quick Chicago Skate?

A little late notice, but I wanted to quick point out the inaugural Chicagoland Inline Marathon on Saturday, July 21, hoping for some Twin Cities representation. Some reasons to do the skate:

1) They gladly accept old, huff-n-puff recreational skaters like myself

2) It sounds like the course is pretty flat and fast

3) Registration is only 40 bucks (before July 19th)

4) If you decide to stay Saturday night, you can probably find something to do. Hey, you’re near Chicago!

5) The marathon is in Mundelein, a far northwest Chicago suburb which cuts down driving time and has plenty of affordable lodging. You could actually leave after work Friday and make it in time. Race packets are picked up the morning of the race

They do have a ten mile option, too.

I can’t go down there without geekin’ out, and will bring the Mac down to do some blogging. Hopefully I’ll get to chat with some who helped put the event together and how they’ve been able to market it.

Anyone?… Bueller?

Update: July 20, 2007 – At the Mundelein hotel right now, not much to do in this town unless you golf (really, golf courses are everywhere!), but the hotel’s Karma Lounge is really sleek and cool. The food and presentation is fantastic!

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2 Responses to Quick Chicago Skate?

  1. Julie says:

    Dude, Mundelein is near Chicago like St. Cloud is near Minneapolis.

    Just warning ya. I grew up down there. That part of the suburbs, the city is always an option… and when you’re not 16 and dumb, always one that gets passed over due to knowledge of road construction and early adult bedtimes. 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    I’m glad it’s in that area, it’s what made me decide to go actually. If it was in the SW or South burbs, I’m sure I wouldn’t go.

    It’ll probably be a short trip, down there Friday night, no city, and back up here by Saturday night. 🙂

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