Kudos to the Team Rainbo Skating Team

Team Rainbo and company did a great job organizing and running the July 21st inaugural Chicagoland inline marathon.

I wanted to get a chance to chat with Pete (main organizer) on how they marketed it in only two months, but he wound up having to split for a post-race sprint contest. About the same time, there was also a small interuption involving a “loco” local resident and a tractor.

Although, there is a quick article about the event at the Vernon Hills Review.

They did a really good job hyping it up on active, online skating forums. It seemed like they drove a lot of elite skaters from many different States.

There weren’t a lot of recreational skaters like myself, and most did the ten-mile option. Hopefully, they will be more represented in future events.

Special thanks to Hermann, who skated the last lap with me due to me being slloowwww.

Here’s a Flickr set of the trip.


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