The Kelsey Group & Search Engine Strategies (SES) Combine for the Interactive Local Media 2007 (ILM:07) Event

Interactive Local Media - 2007 
Local Search panels have increased in both quality and quantity at the SES events over the years. This year’s SMX Local event is poised to have a really good turnout, too.

One local search event I’ve always wanted to go to is the Interactive Local Media (ILM) conference, put on by the Kelsey Group. Well, this fall they’re teaming up with Search Engine Stratagies (SES) to present ILM:07.

In the search marketing world, ILM isn’t talked about nearly as much as SES or SMX, maybe because it involves a broader spectrum. You have Internet Yellow Pages reps touting stats, online newspaper execs wanting to boost their online presence, mainstream companies wanting to find out what, exactly, interactive local media has to offer, and even a few search marketers. It can take local search to a higher level. Here’s a list of 2006 attendees.

I see local user reviews being a hot topic (and debate).

What really intrigues me is conversations with so many different industries, getting different viewpoints, and absorbing so much information that you can come back to make your own decisions on what would work for your own company or clients. That, and being able to chat with the Kelsey Group folks.

I might be saving my pennies for this one.

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