Lead-Gen Tools – VisitorTrack and Eloqua

For those in the search marketing world, analytics tools such as Google Analytics, WebSideStory, and ClickTracks come to mind.

I’ve recently been introduced to a couple lead-gen analytics tools on steroids. They aren’t necessarily built for search marketers, but more for marketing managers, directors, and execs for companies large and small.

VisitorTrack from netFactor – It can be a cool lead-gen tool, but it gives me the creeps. It allows you to track Jigsaw visitors. For those unfamiliar with Jigsaw, it’s an online directory of more than six million business cards.

If you’re a Jigsaw member, VisitorTrack buyers can track your visits down to your physical address, phone number, email, and name. I don’t know much about Jigsaw, but that alone makes me not want to sign up.

I can see VisitorTrack being a good lead-gen tool, but can also see overzealous marketers using it in wrong and unethical ways.

Eloqua – I haven’t looked into this much, but I like it. Here’s an example:

A targeted user comes to your site and fills out a contact form allowing opt-in email. Once they return and follow a certain navigational path, you can set it up to automatically send an email to their interest. If they navigate a different route, you can automatically send a different one. There’s much more to it, but that’s just one example.

I’m still learning on these, and feel free to give input for those who have tried or have thought about trying these.

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4 Responses to Lead-Gen Tools – VisitorTrack and Eloqua

  1. Steve says:

    Visual Sciences, f/k/a WebSideStory has been integrated with most email applications on the market for over 2 years, allowing for the same type of ‘behavioral-based email marketing’ as mentioned above with Eloqua….fyi.

  2. Check out Market2Lead; they automate marketing campaigns and not only is based on behavior, interests, roles but they score leads based on behavior. The score can be time-based. So if a prospect downloaded 2 whitepapers and attended a webinar in the last 45 days then they’re an A lead. Very cool that the score changes over time.

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for the tips Steve and EM.

    Steve, I checked out the Jones site and noticed the myJones stuff. Interesting, and I now have some new family gift ideas…

  4. Salim says:

    Check out Marketbright, it does on demand marketing automation and lets you run multi channel self service campaigns, score & nurture leads, and then measure the campaign r.o.i. for all these activities. Very cool self service software.

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