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Yep, it really is time to optimize your Web site for the holidays. Matt McGee from Search Engine Land provides some good steps on what you can do. In April, I mentioned that I had a new favorite Suburbamall for my holiday shopping because of a company called NearbyNow.com. It looks like their Ridgedale search model is already up.

Local? Yep. Minnesota? Nope. Houston, we have a skate. The official site isn’t up yet but the Houston Inline Marathon is scheduled for November 4, 2007 with festivities also occuring on the 3rd. The nice thing about this is the rec skaters start either a full or half marathon first, many will finish before the skin suited speedsters start, and can then watch them grind it out at the finish line.

I’m guessing with a greater Houston population of around 5.5 million, this will be a fantastic event for pro and rec skaters alike. More to come, but you can register at any time.

Most of us in the Twin Cities area have been affected by the Mpls bridge collapse in some sort. To help out, some local crafters and artists are joining at Grumpys Downtown on September 6, 2007. I don’t know much about crafts, but I do like local art, and Grumpy’s, and am hoping to make it and contribute. If you’re a crafter, artist, retailer, group leader, or just a consumer, you can help.

Speaking of Grumpy’s…

Currently on iTunes: Nothing. Off to Grumpy’s to see Helmet.

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  1. […] next on the calendar? Well, there’s one coming up on the Grandma’s course in Duluth. Paul is hyping up a race in Houston in November. And there is an ultra marathon from Athens to Atlanta, Georgia this fall as […]

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