More Media for Inline Skating Marathons?

Inline skating marathons have become less popular the last few years (although the Minnesota events seem to stay pretty constant), and it does bug me that almost no mainstream media mention these events. The popular Athens to Atlanta skate added a 10k event to hopefully attract more recreational skaters because of this lack of popularity.

The Duluth Tribune did have a couple stories regarding these skates. One to mention the slight drop in attendances and another to mention road closures (registration required – I don’t like that) for the NorthShore Inline Marathon held this morning. That doesn’t really entice people to register.

It’s said that advanced and pro-level skaters stay or even grow in attendance, but recreational skaters drop. I’m not surprised. The pro-level skaters are loyal (and they’re fast). The only reason I’ve heard of these events in the first place was from word-of-mouth, and I basically live online. I keep updated by visiting a couple fora visited mostly by pro skaters.

There are so many ways online and off to entice recreational skaters to participate in these events, but I have never seen any press because of it… not even for the St. Paul Inline Marathon which is basically in my backyard.

I can only do a small part. The Houston Inline Marathon is coming up Sunday, November 4th. I doubt many from Houston read this blog, but if you do, skate with me! I’m a slow-poke, two + hour inline marathoner and would love to skate with people and even get a drafting pace line together.

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