Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

Welcome to Minnesota

This time it’s a Minnesota theme. The posts are from Minnesota bloggers or from business blogs across the “State of Hockey”.

First. Patrick Schaber (Eagan) writes about how you respond to criticism regarding a recent Google PageRank shift. Both Patrick and myself are Search Engine Guide bloggers, and the “criticizer” and “criticized” are two people who we both highly respect. I actually had a post written last night, but I like Patrick’s post better so I deleted mine.

Jeremy Jewell (Rochester) from BuyOnlineNow and the Office Supplies Blog gives great tips on organizing your desktop into zones. This is a post I’ll need to read a good few times. I work from home and often work on multiple clients at the same time. Just read it, twice.

Marty Weintraub (Duluth) writes about PPC trademark rules that screw hotel franchise owners. I’ve never really thought about it before, but it sounds like all PPC ads need to be made at a corporate level, and not from a franchise level which can result in missed opportunities.

Erica (somewhere in the Twin Cities) from Metroblogging Minneapolis found a class on citizen journalist training in Apple Valley. I’m far from a journalist, but it would be cool to attend. For those interested in online video marketing and optimization, it sounds like there are great tips for “telling techinques” and shooting and editing videos.

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3 Responses to Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

  1. Hey Paul, thanks for the mention, but I hope you put up your post as well!!!

  2. purdueksw says:

    Dude, where’s the love.


    Minnesota Blogs all the way.

  3. Paul says:

    It’s all gone forever Patrick 😉 It looked too self-serving and I just didn’t like it. Jill actually asked about it, too.

    KSW, I remember talking to you. Cool blog and I hope it’s working well for you!

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