Web Analytics – Omniture Acquiring Visual Sciences

Omniture to Acquire Visual Sciences

Omniture Press Release:

Visual Sciences Press Release (same release):

This really raised my eyebrows… and in a good way.

Recently, I was asked to put together analytics recommendations for a FT job client based on a few different criteria. Visual Sciences’ HBX was the main recommendation, along with a couple others depending on the price point.

Omniture was not on the recommendations list, but it had more to do with not knowing their platform as well as I do with Visual Sciences.

I don’t know how this acquisition will change product prices, but I initially like it. There are many upper-end analytics packages out there, and this at least helps narrow down choices and should certainly give Omniture more branding.

Neither Omniture or Visual Sciences are cheap, but they don’t market themselves that way either. They both scored very highly in the latest Forrester analytics reports. Their solutions are very robust and meant for companies who have the budget to justify it.

Any analytics gurus out there that want to share opinions? I’d love to hear feedback regarding the acquisition.

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3 Responses to Web Analytics – Omniture Acquiring Visual Sciences

  1. Julie Kosbab says:

    Depending on what you’re doing, I quite like some of the Omniture suite. You can do some amazing reporting within their GUI, particularly for commerce sites. Much like HBX, setting up campaigns in the first place requires a bit of training, but setting up some good dashboards for different business users, once that’s complete, is not a big deal. And the reports are v. pretty.

  2. Vik Glazer says:

    wondering what you thought about the web analytics offering of WebTrends and Coremetrics vs the combined Omniture / VS portfolio? Is there even a comparable portfolio to what Omntiure now offers?

    Also any sense as to why Google and Microsoft have so far struggled with getting Urchin and Deepmatrix on par with other web analytics platforms?

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for the feedback Joolie. On a side note, let’s get a Grumpy’s happy hour going soon.

    Vik, you have some good questions. They only thing I can say is what has been known as the big four (WebTrends, Coremetrics, Omniture, VS/HBX) is probably now the big three. Maybe someone will be able to answer your question better than I.

    Regarding Google Analytics, I do like it if it’s for a small business (go ahead Google, have the data). My guess is they’re not trying to be a player like the big boys. The reason I like it is it’s user-friendly enough for the non-search savvy small business owner to at least measure upper-end data who doesn’t have the budget for more robust platforms.

    I’ve never used Deepmetrix so I have no idea on that.

    On a larger scale, I’m still liking http://www.eloqua.com/home/index.asp. But that’s a different post altogether.

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