A Closer Look at the Inaugural Houston Inline Marathon

This weekend I got a closer look to see how these inline marathons are put together and have the hugest respect to those who put them on!

Justin McMurtry did a fantastic job coordinating the inaugural Houston Inline Marathon from the registration, zoning auto traffic, cool pre-race expo at the Last Concert Cafe, and putting together a great race-day event, and more. This isn’t easy at all.

What I really liked is in addition to the pro racers, there were a number of Houston rec skaters, a couple of them were even on quads. Good times! Since we rec skaters started early, most of us got to finish the race, and watch and take pictures of the pro racers crossing the finish.

Kudos to Jeff Glaze and Jenifer Joseph of Premier Sports for the chip timing, and what you did for the event was great. It was cool to meet both of you! Equally cool was a brief, live impromptu microphone chat that Heather Lacayo gave me after the race! I felt giddy.

I hope to have a Flickr set up soon for the event, hopefully by Wednesday evening when I’m back in Mpls.

Nicole St. Martin will be happy and grossed out to know that Akhil, David Host, and myself ate some sweet calamari rings and tenticles tonight in Dallas. 😉

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2 Responses to A Closer Look at the Inaugural Houston Inline Marathon

  1. Hey Paul!

    I can’t wait to see your pictures, what was your time for the inline marathlon?
    All this inline skating is going to give you a big edge for hockey, I’m jelous!

    Your right calamari grosses me out.

    Hey Akhil – Did you order any Crem Brulay?


  2. Paul says:

    Nicole, I think I got some really cool and probably really odd pictures. Hope to have them up in a few days. Looks like the time was 2h 18m which I’m satisfied with, but finished 48 out of 50 in the open group. 🙂

    Mmmmm…. calamari tenticles…

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