Favorite Minnesota Posts/Blogs/Sites of the Week

Sticking with the Minnesota theme again…

MinnPost.com is up and running. Its premise is to provide great journalism and news for those who care about Minnesota. It’s a non-profit print/Web/blog, accepts donations, and has been quite the buzz the last couple of months. Something tells me this will be a daily visit.

For those unfamiliar with Jason DeRusha, he’s a WCCO reporter who is very popular in the Twin Cities blogging community. On his WCCO video blog, there’s a hilarious, yet ingenious and informative video regarding Jason, Surly beer, and the MacKenzie Pub in Minneapolis.

A little late on this, but Karen Sams from the MIMA blog writes about the annual Summit’s success.

I took some cool knowledge from the MIMA summit and am glad to see the sold-out turnout. Also, I was able to make some really cool connections with industry peeps that may help us out at the FT job, one of which a couple of us are meeting for lunch Thursday in Eagan.

Speaking of Eagan and currently playing on iTunes: Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day

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5 Responses to Favorite Minnesota Posts/Blogs/Sites of the Week

  1. Thanks for the link! “Hilarious, yet ingenious.” I should put that on my resume. (and you should see the stuff we did at the bar that we decided was best left on the cutting room floor….)

  2. Great links, Paul! It’s nice to stay connected with our Minnesota bloggers!

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks Jason and Patrick!

    Jason, sounds like there was fun stuff goin’ on! 🙂

  4. David Temple says:

    Interesting stuff, great way to stay connected and I don’t have to worry about the cold. Sorry I missed the MIMA event though, that was always fun. Keep at it Pope!

  5. Paul says:

    How goes it David?! I may have to keep the favs posting about MN just for you!

    You are kinda’ far away I guess. How’s the equator doing?

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