Social Media Daily

This has been out for a little while, but Michelle MacPhearson has released a really good PDF download labeled appropriately, Social Media Daily.

For those in the search marketing industry, you may already have this. It starts out explaining some already-known tactics such as backlinks and anchor text. It also includes really cool social media sites that I’ve never even heard of before.

Many readers of this blog are not in search marketing (or social media) and would probably find even more value in the above PDF. It can be overwhelming, but Michelle does send an automatic email (No, you don’t get a ton of emails – I think you get a whopping two, and they’re both worth the read)…

Take it one step at a time.  That’s precisely why it’s in a
step-by-step format.

Set a goal to complete 5 items from the checklist each day.  You
don’t have to do it all in one sitting!

The above is just a snippet, but this is an email I like.

I feel silly actually. I first downloaded it well over a month ago and never saved it, then of course lost it. Downloaded it a second time for the FT job and a couple days later my hard drive crashed. Downloaded again tonight and have safely secured it in a favorite social bookmarking site.

I guess there’s a social media lesson I learned in that last sentence. 🙂

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