You Subscribe, Search Marketing Standard Donates, MN Music Education Wins

Search Marketing Standard

The folks over at Search Marketing Standard are now offering a promo for their print magazine. Get four quarterly mags for $4.95. Just subscribe by Dec. 10th with coupon code 67LOCALMN.

Some of the readers of this blog understand the basics of search marketing, but don’t do it for their job. If this is you, it’s certainly worth the five bucks. Take it on a plane, read on the couch, whichever… it’s always a good read. Actually, it’s worth it for search marketers too. There’s just something nice about reading a print mag for those of us who work online.

The part I’m very happy about is they are donating part of every subscription through this blog to a charity of my choice. For me, it’s gotta’ be local and I choose to support the MacPhail Center for Music.

There are probably one or two readers that know I’m a huge supporter of music education, whether it’s early childhood music lessons or adult music therapy for the challenged. If you didn’t know this, now you know something more about me. 🙂

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4 Responses to You Subscribe, Search Marketing Standard Donates, MN Music Education Wins

  1. Aaron Weiche says:

    Bam! (in a batman action cloud) … a 3 year subscription for just $12 and a donation for you. Great offer and your cause as a bonus, I had to pull the trigger. I had received a copy of the Spring 07 issue at High Rankings and liked it. Thanks Paul.

    With all this snow, is it boardin’ time yet? I’m taking mine, and the wifes, to get waxed tomorrow and I’m gonna try to get out Sunday. Fingers crossed.

  2. Paul says:

    How cool is that? Thanks Aaron! I really like the mag.

    It’s definitely snowboarding time! You go to Powder Ridge, right? Maybe I can get out to Casa de Weiche and head out from there sometime? You’re always welcome to come down to Welch w/ me and my crazees. Sounds like most places are open now.

  3. Paul:

    I’m in!

    Can’t never get enough of reading David Temple!!!!!

    Finished my order this morning.


  4. Paul says:

    Thanks Sean!

    I always enjoy David’s articles as well.

    Missed ya’ at the MIMA event tonight. There were a few former FL employees there but no current ones.

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