Avvo Lawsuit Dismissed!


I’ve written about Avvo a few times. For those who don’t know, Avvo is a legal portal that provides free ratings to find attorneys based on different criteria. Once launched, they were immediately sued by a Seattle attorney who didn’t like his Avvo rating. Last time I wrote about this, I hoped that the next post would be to announce that the silly lawsuit has been dismissed.

Well, congrats to Mark and the whole Avvo team! It’s dismissed as they announced on their blog (feel free to see a detailed dismissal in PDF, too).

This is a little personal to me. By nature, attorneys get a bad rep by being called ambulance chasers and shysters. At my last position, I did a ton of search marketing for attorneys. Out of the hundreds I’ve worked and talked with, I can probably count on one hand that fit into the “ambulance chaser” or “shyster” category.

The select few just happen to be more vocal… hence the silly lawsuit and the notorious bad rep.

Note – Avvo is still relatively new and has not yet provided Minnesota attorney profiles. I’m guessing the next post will be to announce that this has happened. 🙂

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3 Responses to Avvo Lawsuit Dismissed!

  1. purdueksw says:

    Hey Paul. My dads law firm just broke up and he is gonna start his own. I will be doing their web page and SEO. I have commented on your blog a couple times, you may remember me from posting about http://www.stpaulksw.com

    I do their web site and SEO as well. I was wondering, since you said in this post that you have done some SEO for law firms, if you could give me some advice on SEO and SEM for attorney web sites before I start out. If not no biggie. Thanks. you can email me at maxkpage “at’ gmail “dot” com. Sorry to contact you here I can’t find your email on this blog anywhere.

  2. conradavvocom says:

    Paul – thanks for the post. We are, naturally, very happy with the outcome of the case. We will keep you posted wrt our plans in Minnesota.

    Conrad from Avvo

  3. Paul says:

    Hey, how goes it KSW? I’ll send you an email. I better or you might throw down some Kuk Sool Won on me. 😉

    Conrad, thanks for posting and all the best with Avvo!

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