Punch Pizza Photo Contest

 Punch Pizza
Logo stolen from Punch Pizza (hey, just being honest. I’m guessing they’re ok with it. If not, I’ll take it off).

First, a little link love to Metroblogging Minneapolis and S4xton.com for finding this.

The folks at Punch Pizza are doing something pretty cool. They’re running a photo contest while embracing social media in a big way. Apparently, it wasn’t long ago when they didn’t allow photos of their ovens. You can now turn that completely around as they’re running a Capture Our Fire photo contest.

It’s a contest that allows customers to take pictures of their ovens, pizzas, moments at Punch, and there’s even a special category for pictures taken from camera phones.

A few cool things to note:

One of their photo categories state Ovens of Punch – Photographs of Punch ovens and fires in Punch ovens. (Photos must be taken from behind the food preparation area.)”

One bullet point states “All entries must be submitted online at Flickr.com.”

One more – “Entrants should upload contest submissions to their Flickr account (which are free) and apply a tag of “PunchPizzaContest” to each submission as well as the category for which the submitted photo applies: “OvensOfPunch” or “PunchPizzas” or “PunchMoments” or “PunchPhonePhotos”.”

I’m loving how they’re using Flickr. They’ll be able to sort of the contestant pictures by tagging, and the pages themselves will most likely receive a lot of traffic.

I’m guessing this will turn out to be a great social media campaign. Maybe they’ll even gain new customers such as myself (suppose that’s the end goal anyway). I’ve lived in Minneapolis for eight years and have never dined there (yeah, I know – apparently that’s a sin).

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