Minnesota Winter Picture Story

Once upon a time there was a slightly chilly winter day.

A little on the chilly side

Paul Douglas says wear your hat and mittens.

Credit of photo goes to wcco.com/weathernotebook

Why is there so much steam from all the buildings?

There’s more steam when it’s chilly

My friends Matt, Greg, and myself decided to go to Welch Village for the day.

Welcome to Welch

People sure don’t like to ski or snowboard when it’s chilly. There were no lift lines.

No lift lines. Yay!

We had the hills to ourselves. My snowboard has a monkey on it.

Myself - and no one on the hills

Matt and myself got icicles on our face masks.

We have icicles

They said the guy who made the half pipe doesn’t work there anymore.

The half pipe has a couple obstacles

Greg is warm in the chalet. My icicles are melting.

It’s not chilly in the chalet

Welch Village thanks us.

Welch thanks us

The end.

PS – Akhil wanted to join us because he misses chilly weather, but he lives in Texas now.

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6 Responses to Minnesota Winter Picture Story

  1. Googalani says:

    Pope Jahn has a permanent seat in Crazy Hall of Fame . I am starting fire place after seeing these pictures even in Texas !!!

  2. aaron says:

    Unreal Paul. If I even tried to go out this past week, my board would have cried and refused to go. As soon as it hits a balmy 15 or so, lets go out!

  3. David Temple says:

    Let’s see, minus 30 there, 90 here, that’s 120 degree differential. WOW! I don’t miss the cold. Good camera though, didn’t freeze up on you.

  4. Paul says:

    Googalani – you miss it here, don’t you? 😉

    Aaron, I’m there. The cold worked out great actually. No chairlift lines.

    David, the funny thing is the camera didn’t freeze but the battery did. Apparently that happens in the cold. When I put in a full-charged replacement battery, it immediately said it was exhaused.

    I’ll be the one complaining in six months though when it’s 90+ and humid.

  5. jeff says:

    Paul, you’re loco man. I opened the door to get my paper that day, and almost left a limb on the front porch.

    It’s nice to see that iPhone of yours works in sub zero weather. I wonder if you have set a record for coldest iPhone photo capture? I’m willing to wager on this on your behalf.

  6. Paul says:

    It’s all about layering up Jeff. You should come out w/ us next time. 🙂

    I brought down the regular point and shoot, but after the first and backup battery wore out, I had to take the iThing out of the car to finish up the pics.

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