DirectoryM is Lookin’ Pretty Slick These Days

I’ve been aware of DirectoryM for quite awhile, but admittedly haven’t checked them out in detail. It’s not your average Web directory. They’re more of a hub that gives you advertising links on their own directory, plus some big players like…

Directory1 Partners

There are nationwide ads available, but local ads do seem to appear pretty prevalent.

Local DirectoryM Listings
I think the $240 three month investment is useful for businesses who measure analytics. You’ll have the ability to track how many users come to your site from these referalls and see how they navigate your site.

For those still stuck on search engine rankings “only”, some of these links do seem to pass link juice, but it might not be worth your investment.

I hope to have more detailed info in the future.

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One Response to DirectoryM is Lookin’ Pretty Slick These Days

  1. Sam Thmas says:

    I am a sales manager of a small company. I am planning to get sales leads by using DirectoryM. Can you please more elaborate on your feed back on DirectoryM?


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