Favorite Posts/YouTube of the Week – YouTube Analytics, Paper Shredders, and why Facebook is not LinkedIn

Minnesota-based again, with the first favorite being somewhat based from Minnesota.

One of the YouTube founders is from St. Paul, and they are now offering up analytics. I don’t know how detailed they get, but it can possibly be a remarkable tool to measure and market your YouTube videos to your targeted audiences. Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide provides a very good write-up on it.

I’m biased on this, but one of the Jeremy’s at Rochester-based BuyOnlineNow.com has a cool yet informational YouTube video on one of Fellowes new Intellishred jam proof shredders sold at the niche OrderPaperShredders.com site. The 70’s “adult” music theme adds to the touch.

You want this shredder. You need this shredder. You don’t want to be without one, do you?

Aside from bad hypnosis in the previous sentences, I’ll probably buy this one. My current shredder truly sucks.

Finally, Holly from the New Brighton-based Risdall Marketing Pie blog writes on how Facebook is not LinkedIn. I especially like point number four stating that LinkedIn is getting really good at what they do. It works there. Does it really need to work on Facebook? I’ve benefited and gained clients from LinkedIn and use it as a professional networking tool, yet my current Facebook profile picture is this:

Peter from The Family Guy

This will probably change at some point as I do “loosely” use Facebook as a business tool, but right now I guess it’s “what it is”.

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3 Responses to Favorite Posts/YouTube of the Week – YouTube Analytics, Paper Shredders, and why Facebook is not LinkedIn

  1. Aaron Weiche says:

    Nice roundup Paul. The YouTube stats is particularly interesting to me. More data, more better.

    How great would it be if more product demo videos found their way online? Hello big boxes? Short demos on your products are the next thing! The amount of content Target.com could put out on products, the features, their uses … endless. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Quick Paul, we must capitalize on this model. 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks Aaron. I hear ya’ on the big boxes. I wonder if there is resistance because they fear someone may actually provide a negative comment.

    Yeah, we must capitalize. Maybe in the form of Wonder Twins, and can I be a form of Milton’s red stapler? 🙂

  3. ABDO says:

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