Favorite Posts of the Week – All Local – With a Mapspam and Video Twist

April 12, 2008

As with all other favorite posts of the week, this one is all local… with a twist. Instead of being all local to Minnesota, it’s all local to local search marketing. These blogs would be included in the blogroll if they were located in Minnesota.

Many know that I’m not a big fan of fake user reviews as I wrote about it on Search Engine Guide. I’m also not a fan of “Mapspam”, which basically artificially manipulates search results in places such as Google Maps and Yahoo Local.

Earlier this week, Andrew Shotland from the Local SEO Guide wrote about a company called SEO Champion who spammed his local Las Vegas company in Google Maps results in many cities across the county. Now it looks like these results have been removed. Kudos to both Google and Andrew.

Mike Blumenthal writes on how Yahoo affiliate Mapspam is now gone. For anyone unfamiliar, these local results have been loaded with affiliate sites to local businesses such as hotels. Affiliate sites don’t offer nearly as much value as the actual business sites. Affiliate spam isn’t totally gone, but it’s good to see that Yahoo is taking action.

Finally, Mike Boland from The Kelsey Group writes on how local search meets video search with the company PixelFish. It’s a great read. To me, the concept is including local videos in search engine marketing to bring online customers to your physical door.

For those in the Twin Cities area, Localmn doesn’t currently offer video search solutions, but I do believe that Five Technology does. Every few months, I get to hang with the VP and founder, Aaron Weiche, and we talk about this often. There are a lot of opportunities to make compelling videos, and if done right they can become viral as well.

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