More Favorite Posts – Local Search and Minnesota Combined

April 26, 2008

I’ve been doing more “favorite” posts lately, and there’s a reason. There are great posts out there. Let’s share them.

This time it’s a bit unique. Often, the favorites are Minnesota-based Internet marketing posts. Sometimes, they’re about local search in general. This time, it’s about Minnesota-based local search posts.

First, Jennifer Lind talks about the root of local search & where it could take us.

Local search… is it the new way we search or the old way? It’s both. Local search connects us to our community and to our neighbors. The old way of search is now online and it will continue to develop further than it ever could in the traditional means.

It is in fact both. Many people will use the Internet to search for products and services to go offline and physically make a purchase. Jennifer makes some great points including different online options, actually touching a product before making a purchase (this is kinda’ important), and opportunities for local customers to be involved online with businesses they purchase from.

Aaron Weiche has some cool local SEO results with his new company, Five Technology. They have five SEO initiatives so far. I really like number three, which is to create content for users first and search engines second. On a side note, see Barb Prindle. She’s is simply a fantastic writer! Five Technology is doing some very cool things so far (including video optimization) and you will see more of them in the future.

My rollerblading partner (who leaves me in the dust) Ed Kohler gives some insight on where offline shopping beats online today. It includes dealing with disappointment, negotiable pricing, proactive help, and bundling opportunities.

Ed, let’s get on the Greenway and rollerblade!

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