A New Palore.com and an Updated Blog

May 29, 2008

Palore.com and the Palore Blog

Neither the Web site or blog is brand new, but Palore has done some pretty cool things lately. Almost a year ago, I had a phone conversation with their CEO Hanan Lifshitz and wrote about their cool icons you can use while searching on different local search portals like Google Maps, including kosher, green, kid-friendly, and wifi destinations. You can then send this information to places like your email or cell phone SMS.

Since then, I’ve seen Palore come up in a few Google Alerts and press releases, but admittedly have not looked into them in great detail.

Maybe I should have. It looks like they’ve gone from the cool icons to providing data extraction services for local businesses and data aggregates. I’m guessing the businesses could be anything from local shops to national chains. From their site…

We scrape hundreds of sites (with numbers growing every day) and aggregate information on millions of businesses in the US. This information includes many data attributes on local businesses that can enrich the content of local search sites, help establish the site as a good source of local content for search engines (improve SEO), and enhance user-experience.

I don’t know much more than what’s on their site, but hopefully I’ll speak with either Noa or Hanan from Palore in the future to learn more. They are more than welcome to comment with more input as well.

They’re keeping the Palore Blog updated quite nicely as well. A recent post helps analyze online advertising for small businesses and uses attorneys as an example. I can’t help but to grin when I notice that the personal injury field has a higher percentage of Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) advertisers. Some past co-workers of mine in Eagan will also probably grin too if they see the post. 🙂

One thing to note, Greg Sterling from Screenwerk is on Palore’s advisory board. For those who don’t know, Greg is basically the leading and accepted expert analyst when it comes to local search marketing.

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Get Your Twitter On – 2nd Season of the Least Dangerous Game

May 23, 2008

Ok fellow Twin Cities Web geeks, it’s time to again get away from your computers and get social! Aric McKeown from the Least Dangerous Game is back for a second season.

Every other Saturday (starting this Saturday at Noon), Aric will be “hiding” somewhere in the Twin Cities and will be sending out Twitter clues to his whereabouts. The first one who finds him wins a cool prize. For those on Twitter, here’s where you can follow him.

This is one of the coolest uses of Twitter I’ve seen. It gained WCCO exposure last year and will most likely gain more exposure this year. Different businesses have since used this idea for their own.

Regarding the LDG, it’s a fun way to meet new people and learn more about the Twin Cities. I tried it a few times last year and found him once, but was a few minutes too late for the prize as someone else just found him at a weird artsy exhibit at the State Fairgrounds. It was fine though as we all hung out and chatted, and I happen to be fond of weird artsy stuff.

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Local Search and Dominating the Results

May 22, 2008

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve received a few different inquiries regarding Google and local search. One was how to show up in Google Maps results, one was how to show up in the natural results for local searches, and one was how to appear above the fold for localized Google AdWords campaigns.

Why not achieve all three of them, plus some “piggy back” SEO?

The last SES conference I’ve been to was in San Jose close to two years ago, but Atlanta-based Stacy Williams from Prominent Placement gave a great example on how a local company can dominate results. To this day, it holds true.

There’s some dominance!

To many search marketers, this isn’t anything new. To local business owners, this may be. Google separates their natural, local, and paid listings. There’s no reason a local business can’t do the same.

Regarding “piggy back” SEO, this comes down to both local (Maps) and natural listings. By having profiles in places like SuperPages.com and CitySearch.com can only help. Google Local helps legitimize your profile and Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) results often appear toward the top in the natural results.

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Favorite Posts of the Week – MIMA Event, Social Media, and TV Personality of the Year

May 18, 2008

This past Wednesday, MIMA held a social media event at the Solera. They brought some top-notch panelists from Target, Best Buy, General Mills, and Fingerhut.

Lee Odden and Co. from TopRank were at Solera for it. Before the event, Lee provides a dual interview with Douglas Pollei (IKANO Communications) and Jim Cuene (General Mills). It’s nice to see that large companies are embracing social media, even if the uphill climb is steeper for them.

Marty Weintraub from the Aim Clear blog was also there and provided a great recap of the event. Marty! Another MIMA event we both attended and we haven’t met yet? I’ll have to make sure to look for you at the next one.

Focusing away from social media, do you have a favorite Minnesota news personality? Feel free to check out WCCO Jason DeRusha’s post regarding his nomination for TV personality of the year, other nominees, and shirts and stuff.

The awards themselves aren’t just limited to TV personalities, but do you have a favorite? Unfortunately, P-Diddy is not on the list.

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2008

I embedded the exact same YouTube video last year, but figure there are a few new readers this year who happen to be moms. Plus, the video simply never stops being funny.

Happy Mother’s Day to all
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Favorite Posts of the Week – Chicago Style

May 7, 2008

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to Chicago for a mostly pleasure mini-vacation, although I hope to meet up with Zach Von Felten from SEM Visibility for some search marketing geek talk. It turns out his work is close to my hotel.

It seems fitting to dedicate this blog post to great blog posts from people in the Chicagoland area.

First, legal marketing expert Larry Bodine writes on how to get new business from online social networks. It focuses on LinkedIn, an e-book from Jill Konrath, and how to use LinkedIn correctly.

Larry probably doesn’t know who the heck I am, but during my stay at FindLaw I had a couple client conference calls with him. I was thinking that he was a competitor, but the calls turned out great and there was a lot of synergy. The sites turned out fantastic!

I’ve always wanted to meet Brad Geddes (aka eWhisper). I haven’t but he provides a great post regarding SEO not being free traffic, the traffic itself, and a great table that shows the pros and cons of conversions, traffic, and conversions from a variety of channels, both on and offline.

I couldn’t find contact info on this one, but a blog post from the legal search marketing blog writes on how to create mini sites regarding legal practice area. From an SEO standpoint, it might be harder to do well with newer niche sites like this, but if social media comes to play, I can definitely see it working.

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The New Phone Books are Here! The New Phone Books are Here!

May 7, 2008



Just like last year, too bad they’ll still be sitting there in two months. For those who wish to recycle your phone books, Yellowpages.com does have a slick tool to find out where you can do so.

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