New Type of Fun Linkbait – Wardo Style

Those who know Ward Tongen know that he’s a very smart, outgoing, and funny guy. I’m happy to say that I have co-won the first searchbaiting award from Wardo, searchbaiting extraordinaire.

SearchBaiting Award Winner

The middle of the award looks very similar to a soccer ball, which is fitting as I have an old person huff-n-puff rec game tomorrow. From there, I’m going straight to a church confirmation open house for my cousin’s son. My apologies go out in advance to Janie and Neal for smelling like a used jersey, but I’m digressing.

How it Works
It’s a fun combination of linkbaiting and memes, and is explained very well through the link above. Ward linked to this blog and four other Minnesota search marketers with the intent of having us notice it through analytics and stats, vanity Google alerts, or word-of-mouth. The first one who comments on his blog posts wins the sweet ‘soccer ball with flames’ award. 🙂

This blog is hosted by WordPress and has limited stats and analytics capabilities, but does have basic information including showing who links to this blog. When looking at stats the other day I saw Ward’s incoming link, which is basically how I found his contest.

Kudos to Ward, master searchbaiter!

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2 Responses to New Type of Fun Linkbait – Wardo Style

  1. Ward Tongen says:

    Congrats on the award Paul. I’m sure it will take you far! -Wardo

  2. Paul says:

    I take this award with honor, Wardo!!

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