No Go on Microsoft Acquiring Yahoo

After months of talks, it looks like Microsoft withdrew its bid to acquire Yahoo.

Here’s Microsoft’s press release.

Reading the whole press release, and maybe it’s just me, but it looks like Steven from Microsoft is telling Jerry from Yahoo to stick it.

We regard with particular concern your apparent planning to respond to a “hostile” bid by pursuing a new arrangement that would involve or lead to the outsourcing to Google of key paid Internet search terms offered by Yahoo! today. In our view, such an arrangement with the dominant search provider would make an acquisition of Yahoo! undesirable to us for a number of reasons:


This would also effectively enable Google to set the prices for key search terms on both their and your search platforms and, in the process, raise prices charged to advertisers on Yahoo. In addition to whatever resulting legal problems, this seems unwise from a business perspective unless in fact one simply wishes to use this as a vehicle to exit the paid search business in favor of Google.

I guess they don’t like Google so much. Nonetheless, no acquisition will occur soon.

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2 Responses to No Go on Microsoft Acquiring Yahoo

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