Favorite Posts of the Week – Chicago Style

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to Chicago for a mostly pleasure mini-vacation, although I hope to meet up with Zach Von Felten from SEM Visibility for some search marketing geek talk. It turns out his work is close to my hotel.

It seems fitting to dedicate this blog post to great blog posts from people in the Chicagoland area.

First, legal marketing expert Larry Bodine writes on how to get new business from online social networks. It focuses on LinkedIn, an e-book from Jill Konrath, and how to use LinkedIn correctly.

Larry probably doesn’t know who the heck I am, but during my stay at FindLaw I had a couple client conference calls with him. I was thinking that he was a competitor, but the calls turned out great and there was a lot of synergy. The sites turned out fantastic!

I’ve always wanted to meet Brad Geddes (aka eWhisper). I haven’t but he provides a great post regarding SEO not being free traffic, the traffic itself, and a great table that shows the pros and cons of conversions, traffic, and conversions from a variety of channels, both on and offline.

I couldn’t find contact info on this one, but a blog post from the legal search marketing blog writes on how to create mini sites regarding legal practice area. From an SEO standpoint, it might be harder to do well with newer niche sites like this, but if social media comes to play, I can definitely see it working.

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2 Responses to Favorite Posts of the Week – Chicago Style

  1. Much as I LinkedIn and use it, I think LinkedIn they could do more to incorporate local search / yellow pages capabilities. I spend enough time on it looking for providers- they could complement users on the site with basic listings as well. Just a thought.

  2. Isaac says:


    The TrackBack specification was created by Six Apart, who first implemented it in their Movable Type blogging software in August…

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