Favorite Posts of the Week – MIMA Event, Social Media, and TV Personality of the Year

May 18, 2008

This past Wednesday, MIMA held a social media event at the Solera. They brought some top-notch panelists from Target, Best Buy, General Mills, and Fingerhut.

Lee Odden and Co. from TopRank were at Solera for it. Before the event, Lee provides a dual interview with Douglas Pollei (IKANO Communications) and Jim Cuene (General Mills). It’s nice to see that large companies are embracing social media, even if the uphill climb is steeper for them.

Marty Weintraub from the Aim Clear blog was also there and provided a great recap of the event. Marty! Another MIMA event we both attended and we haven’t met yet? I’ll have to make sure to look for you at the next one.

Focusing away from social media, do you have a favorite Minnesota news personality? Feel free to check out WCCO Jason DeRusha’s post regarding his nomination for TV personality of the year, other nominees, and shirts and stuff.

The awards themselves aren’t just limited to TV personalities, but do you have a favorite? Unfortunately, P-Diddy is not on the list.

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