A New Palore.com and an Updated Blog

Palore.com and the Palore Blog

Neither the Web site or blog is brand new, but Palore has done some pretty cool things lately. Almost a year ago, I had a phone conversation with their CEO Hanan Lifshitz and wrote about their cool icons you can use while searching on different local search portals like Google Maps, including kosher, green, kid-friendly, and wifi destinations. You can then send this information to places like your email or cell phone SMS.

Since then, I’ve seen Palore come up in a few Google Alerts and press releases, but admittedly have not looked into them in great detail.

Maybe I should have. It looks like they’ve gone from the cool icons to providing data extraction services for local businesses and data aggregates. I’m guessing the businesses could be anything from local shops to national chains. From their site…

We scrape hundreds of sites (with numbers growing every day) and aggregate information on millions of businesses in the US. This information includes many data attributes on local businesses that can enrich the content of local search sites, help establish the site as a good source of local content for search engines (improve SEO), and enhance user-experience.

I don’t know much more than what’s on their site, but hopefully I’ll speak with either Noa or Hanan from Palore in the future to learn more. They are more than welcome to comment with more input as well.

They’re keeping the Palore Blog updated quite nicely as well. A recent post helps analyze online advertising for small businesses and uses attorneys as an example. I can’t help but to grin when I notice that the personal injury field has a higher percentage of Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) advertisers. Some past co-workers of mine in Eagan will also probably grin too if they see the post. 🙂

One thing to note, Greg Sterling from Screenwerk is on Palore’s advisory board. For those who don’t know, Greg is basically the leading and accepted expert analyst when it comes to local search marketing.

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One Response to A New Palore.com and an Updated Blog

  1. Julie Kosbab says:

    I’m only surprised that the divorce lawyers are so low in that chart.
    Everyone loves divorce.

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