NCMR – Day 3: Less Words, More Pictures

Today was the final day at the 2008 National Conference for Media Reform. I went to the conference mainly to see how independent media uses the social Web. Surprisingly, not as many were as active in places like YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook like I would have thought. A few were, especially Minnesota Public Radio along with The Current. The Free Press Conference site did a great job with it too.

What I didn’t have is a whole lot of knowledge regarding media reform. I learned just a ton of valuable information and met many really cool people. I’m glad I wound up blogging on it so I can go back to read up on things learned at the conference.

Today? Longer post, but with much less words. The closing plenary was great and I took a bunch of pictures.

Rosa Clemente, who formed the first hip hop political convention and the only hip hop journalist on the ground after Hurricane Katrina.

Rosa Clemente


Ben Scott runs the Washington office for

Ben Scott


Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein was very energetic and drew a lot of applause. Strongly said we need to keep the Internet open.

Jonathan Adelstein


Then they showed a cool video with short clips or this event. Can someone comment regarding the bear? I really don’t know what that was about.



Alex Russell, Program Director at the Free Press while introducing Amy Goodman.

Alex Russell


Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. I saw her speak at three different occasions during the weekend. Fantastic speaker and is passionate to her cause.

Amy Goodman


Louise Erdrich, writer and owner of Minneapolis’ own Birchbark Books. Go check it out!

Louise Erdrich


Josh Silver, Executive Director of Free Press.

Josh Silver


Closing speaker was Van Jones from Green For All. This guy energized the crowd so much I literally wanted to jump up, run out, and somehow change the world!

Van Jones


The End. Big thanks to Free Press for the great NCMR conference!

The end

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One Response to NCMR – Day 3: Less Words, More Pictures

  1. Newscat says:

    You got me on the bear and what it represents. Since it’s a polar bear I assumed something about global warming, but its true message is lost on me. Neat costume though. I have a picture of the innards.

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