Final Thoughts on the NCMR 2008 Event

On Sunday, I wrote up a quick rant on how Bill O’Reilly thinks I’m a tree hugger because I attended the 2008 National Conference for Media Reform event. I wound up deleting the post a half hour later because I don’t think the smart readers here deserve a rant. After some thought, I wanted to give more of an objective insight.

I went to the conference not as an elephant or a donkey, but as a Web marketer who wanted to learn more about media reform, and to see how independent media counters corporate media by using social Web opportunities such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

There were some fantastic sessions regarding this, and I’m a smarter person because of it (well, that’s up in the air). Plus, it was great to see presenters talking about this from a non-search engine point of view. This helps me understand other points of view and makes me a better Web marketer.

Here is the Bill O’Reilly YouTube video that actually ticked me off. To those of you who know me personally, you know it’s pretty difficult to make me angry.

According to the YouTube clip, Bill O’Reilly thinks I’m some liberal extremist because I went to the conference.

On Monday, I watched the Bill O’Reilly show and their coverage of the event. They carefully selected and provided footage of a few anti-O’Reilly folks and a liberal preacher who lashed out at Fox News. They did not care to interview me, nor many other people like myself who were just there to learn more about media reform and how this knowledge can help us in what we do in our respective careers.

This might be a perfect example of big media. They have executive bosses who demand that their news be delivered in a certain way. Independent news do not have this. Citizen journalists do not have this criteria, and I’m happy to support these writers.

The Uptake provides a perfect example for those who want to watch a nine minute video, and it’s worth the time.

This video is unedited by and it just makes me more of a fan of citizen journalism. We want to view real news without any corporate spin.

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