Huffington Post is Going Local

Originally found this from Greg Sterling’s Screenwerk blog via Google Reader.

The Chicago Tribune announces that a Chicago version of the Huffington Post will be arriving (no official launch date set). It will be a full local news site and not just one dedicated to politics.

I’m really liking this. A couple weeks ago at the national NCMR event held in Minneapolis, I saw Arianna Huffington speak on independent media and really enjoyed seeing how the Huffington Post has embraced on bringing together online aggregation, blogging, and community building.

Arianna Huffington and Greg Watkins

One of the things she spoke about is the involvement of their community bloggers. They don’t always get paid, but they do get acknowledged and the Huffington Post does have a strict editorial policy. From what I understand, this means that their community bloggers definitely need journalistic credentials. I can see this being similar to Topix, but with less aggregation and more local online community building.

The Chicago Tribune mentions that this will be the first of “dozens of cities”. I’m hoping that Minneapolis/St.Paul will be one of them.

Any thoughts on this, yay or nay?

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