Sneak Peak at Some Local Palore Data

A few of us got a sneak peak today and more info will be on Palore in probably 12 hours, but they have some decent info regarding restaurant reviews across the US.

US Restaurant Reviews

Regarding the email from Palore I received today…

Compiling this nationwide report, we took the total number of restaurants we found in each state and checked how many of them have at least one user review on at least one site.

It looks like Minnesota does fairly well as between 15 and 20% of local restaurants have received at least one online review.

More to come in a soon-to-be Search Engine Guide article.

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One Response to Sneak Peak at Some Local Palore Data

  1. I’m a little surprised by the results on this chart just because the percentages of local business with reviews seem much lower than what I expected. But it makes sense considering the amount of small towns the states with the lower percentage probably have.

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