Interview with CEO Hanan Lifshitz

Finished up an interview with Hanan Lifshitz from and have it posted up on Search Engine Guide. I hope you find the interview worth the read as both Hanan and myself really like it.

One thing I wanted to mention was how I first got to know Hanan and how I became familiar with Palore. A little over a year ago, he sent me an email mentioning that he was a regular reader of this blog. They had something new going on at the time, he sent me a link to it, then invited me to write blog post regarding it. Well, I did like it, and did write a post about it in June 2007.

What was nice about this initial dialogue is he valued my opinion to write about them whether I liked what they had or not. Plus, he didn’t ask me to write anything. It was one of those “if you choose, feel free to give your opinion” things.

Long story short, you trust my opinion, I have trust in you. 🙂

A couple unrelated local search companies have contacted me in the last couple months, but it was more of them calling me every day until I finally picked up the phone. They may have the best solutions in their niche, but that type of sales doesn’t build up trust with me.

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