Favorite Posts/Articles of the Week – All Local, All Twitter

A couple of these are actually a few weeks old, but here goes.

Thanks to fellow twitterer @swirlspice, I was reminded of a Star Tribune article on Twitter. It’s a decent read that includes quotes and insights from some well-known Twin Cities bloggers and Twitterers. You better read it quickly though as the Strib takes down Web articles after they’ve been run for a short amount of time.


Zappos is really innovative (great read and definitely check out the embedded video) when it comes to their business model and how they treat their employees. Minneapolis-based Mike Ryncheck from Spyder Trap Online Marketing provides a great interview regarding Twitter with none other than Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. It provides some really good insight on how Tony started using Twitter just with some friends a long time ago, then realized how well of a marketing tool it can be for Zappos.

Want to know more about Tony and Zappos? Follow him on Twitter – @Zappos. Chances are he will follow you back. Want to know more about Mike? Follow him on Twitter – @mikeryncheck.


Minneapolis/Buffalo/Delano-based Aaron Weiche posts on whether we should include Twitter on our business cards. I really like that idea. At a conference last month I received a couple business cards with their @Twitter addresses on them and was compelled, and I now follow them.

If you include your Twitter info on your business cards, a lot of people won’t understand what it is, which is fine. If you’re an online marketer, this can possibly pique your clients’ interests enough to not just embrace Twitter, but hopefully other social media opportunities as well.

Want to know more about Aaron? Follow him on Twitter – @AaronWeiche.

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3 Responses to Favorite Posts/Articles of the Week – All Local, All Twitter

  1. Mike Rynchek says:

    Very cool concept for a blog. I am quickly becoming a huge fan! Thanks for the great post. More to come!

  2. Aaron Weiche says:

    Thank Paul for the mention and link! I’m looking forward to seeing your new cards all Twitterific!

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks Aaron and thanks Mike for the kind words and cool mention on Twitter today!

    Yeah, This blog is all me. The good, the bad, the ugly… aaaaand even the occasional Fugly! 🙂

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