New Google Docs Templates

For a few reasons, Google Docs have become more popular in the workplace as an alternative to Excel. The biggest reason is arguably the ability to update one document/spreadsheet instead of trying to find the latest of many Excel updates.

Google now blogs about some useful user templates whether the Docs/Spreadsheets/Presentations are for consumers or small businesses. The actual templates are very slick. Some were made by Google, and some were made by third-party contributors.

One that caught my eye is their project management schedule template. From experience, I can absolutely say that nothing can come close to substituting this for FT project managers. They’re too good at what they do. At the same time, there are many small businesses and virtual environments that either can’t afford a project manager and could possibly use this tool if they’re already comfortable with using Google Docs.

Any thoughts on this project management template or these templates in general? I’d really like to hear from PM’s. Is this something that you would use?

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