Exciting New Bro-Sis Project with Real-Time Updates

Some of you already know that I wear many hats. I run localmn.com and this blog, am employed with BuyOnlineNow.com along with their niche paper shredders site, do some search/local/social contracting with a few regulars, and occasionally take clients who find me through search.

Normally, I wouldn’t announce a new project but this one is unique. It’s with my sister Heather, and will involve photography along with all sorts of marketing from direct mail, print, alliance, search, local, social, and speaking engagements (gulp).

It so happens that Heather has redirected to a new site at heatherjahn.com and is a fantastic portrait photographer, has an incredible marketing mind of her own and has an established client base just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. She has marketing skills that I do not have, and I have marketing skills that she does not have. Perfect synergy.

The cool thing is it looks like we’ll be having a blog (TBA), along with different social media portals where we can publicly display our accomplishments in close to real-time. This will most likely include the fantastic, good, bad, ugly, and fugly. I’m liking this and we both look forward to sharing this with you in real-time.

Feel free to friend Heather on her new Facebook page. Her Flickr account is just now active and we’ll send out updates once it’s full of different pictures.

And… because I’m so proud of my sis, here’s a picture of her and her beautiful baby, Carver. Many congrats to both Heather and her husband, Kevin.

Heather and Carver

Heather and Carver

Photo credit to Jackie Cooper

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4 Responses to Exciting New Bro-Sis Project with Real-Time Updates

  1. David Temple says:

    Congrats, I look forward to it. I particulary like when you wear your dirty white hat, or is it black, I could never tell. Best wishes to you and your sis!

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks David! I don’t know which hat I’ll be wearing. Since it’s approaching the dog days of summer, it will definitely be some kind of hat. My skull burns too easily when outside 🙂

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