Fun Google Local Email Conversation w/ Local Business Owner

A friend of mine owns a business across the street and I gave him some free basic local search advice around a year ago. Recently, he updated his Google Local (Maps) listing and we had a short email conversation today.

I chuckled, and hope you get a small chuckle as well.


XYZ: Paul, as we talked, I did my local and such on Google, but it is not showing up as of yet. How long does this take?

me: Heya XYZ, good to see you last night. Did you receive a postcard or phone call from Google for confirmation yet?

XYZ: Got the phone call.

me: Usually within a day or so. Showing up at all?

XYZ: Nope, still old stuff.

me: Not sure why it wouldn’t show up yet.

XYZ: But, but…. I thought this is what you do?

me: Part of what I do, but I don’t control Google 🙂 How long ago was the phone call?

XYZ: Two days

me: (after a quick errand) I was outside a bit ago… And yes, the sky is indeed falling. 🙂


To confirm, he’s a friend and would definitely get a chuckle if he saw this post… and 12 hours later the listing is now updated.

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