Bro-Sis Collaboration Update – Goals Defined with Almost No Dependence from Google

For those following the bro and sis project, we had our first meeting at the Jahn Haus yesterday. Heather and I will be consulting with clients and presenting at different marketing conferences geared toward professional photographers.

We’ve now defined two goals for Heather. One is to attract very targeted new clients around the western Madison area, and the other is to brand her to those who already know her. Heather’s not the cheapest professional photographer and there’s a reason for that. She’s that good, has plenty of word of mouth clients and doesn’t need unqualified traffic.

One thing we want to do is to practice what we preach. We’ll be showcasing Heather’s online performance to show others what we’re able to do. This will mainly be through local search and social media, and not through Google’s organic listings.

There’s a reason for this. During presentations, it’s a guarantee that many attendees will want to ask “how do I be #1 in Google for ‘yourcity’ photographer”. We want to de-bunk this as a measure of success. High rankings for one particular keyword simply does not equal some magic revenue stream and we want to stress this heavily. Google is important, but analytics is key.

Since we’re being open with this, feel free to be open with us. Yesterday, Heather and I met at our ‘rents house just outside of Wabasha, MN and we went into town to take some new PR mugs of myself (Facebook profile required).

I’m a standard goofy-looking guy, which automatically means I can’t tell if the pictures are good or bad. Are there any photos that you like or dislike? Trust me, you won’t hurt my feelings and I’ll use what the majority says.

More to come including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and local search updates. We’re open to many suggestions.

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3 Responses to Bro-Sis Collaboration Update – Goals Defined with Almost No Dependence from Google

  1. I’d go with #6 – has a bit of that “I’ll kick your ass in life & search engine rankings without breaking a sweat” look to it.

  2. Heather says:

    #4 just might get you a date but #6 is kinda sassy.

  3. Paul Jahn says:

    Way cool Tony, thanks!

    Oh, and Heather. I now have a definition for “brickwaller”, which made me laugh so much.

    Brickwaller: Noun – suburban-type bands who have their promo pictures taken in front of urban, brick walls. These bands tend to think they rock hard, but actually sound like bubble-gum “pop”. Kinda’ like Nickelback. 🙂

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