Customized Google Search Results by Location

It was almost two years ago when Google launched personalized and custom search. The premise was to help users obtain more relevant and personalized results upon typing in a search query. I haven’t seen this in all searches, but it looks like Google is displaying customized searches by location.

Customized by Location

Customized by Location

When looking at the natural results, there were a few Minneapolis-area results, although plenty of results still appear that aren’t local to Minneapolis.

When you click on the “more details” link, you get some more insight to this. It tracks the location by IP address.

More Details

More Details

Clint Danks from ThinkSEM originally found this and it correctly showed his location of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. He sent me the images above on it early this morning when I was in Rochester. When I performed the search, it recognized my location as Mankato which is about 90 miles west. However, it does look like you can click to correct your location.

This customization message seems to be appearing only in select searches. It’s probably too soon to see if this really does customize results by location and if they show the customization message more often.

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