Strib Article on SuperLawyers and Avvo Now Shows Minnesota Attorneys!

This could probably be two separate posts, but they’re closely related.

I don’t know how long this Strib article titled SuperLawyers Making Its Case will stay active, but it’s definitely interesting. SuperLawyers has done social media long before social media became popular, kind of like

It is evident that the 21st Century consumer is more sophisticated than ever and actively seeks information prior to making purchase choices, including the selection of legal representation,” retired Judge Robert Fall wrote in his report.

This certainly makes sense. Consumers are smart and can make decisions on their own.

For two years, New Jersey hasn’t exactly seen it this way as they have questioned their ethics since 2006 and I’m not sure what to think. A little over 14 months ago, I put out a post regarding SuperLawyers and if Avvo would be a good fit for them.

With that, enter Avvo. It’s a social-based site that gives their own ratings and provides reviews for attorneys. A particular SuperLawyer firm in Seattle (who I won’t mention because I don’t have time to deal with sue-happy derelicts) sued Avvo because they didn’t like their average Avvo rating. The case got thrown out, with good reason.

Minnesota attorneys – you probably already have a profile. Just check it out for yourself. Claim it, embrace it and encourage your clients to say nice and honest things about you.

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One Response to Strib Article on SuperLawyers and Avvo Now Shows Minnesota Attorneys!

  1. Shalini says:

    Paul, thanks for posting about our expansion into MN. I have added your blog onto my RSS reader.

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