Reasons for Minnesota Attorneys to Embrace Avvo



Avvo has been around for well over a year and has just recently added Minnesota to its list for attorneys to get social and claim their Avvo profiles.

There are many reasons for attorneys to utilize sites like Avvo. The most important reason (IMO) is that the Internet is moving more and more from the information age to the recommendation age. People are talking about you online.

Another reason is because of Avvo itself. It’s become very popular as a direct vehicle, and the site and pages within it are search engine friendly. It’s pretty easy to find them on a Google search.

Avvo provides their own ratings and also allows reviews. Encourage current and past clients to write honest information about you. This may influence others to retain your services.

I found a nice Minnesota example. Avvo’s blog routinely showcases Top Viewed Lawyers on Avvo. The most recent post shows Minneapolis attorney, Samuel Glover as the 5th most viewed profile so far in August.

I have no idea who he is, and I’m sure he has no idea who I am, but am sure he’s fine with me using him as an example since I’m saying nice things. His profile does showcase a great Avvo rating, he claimed his profile, included a picture, fees, payment types, credit cards accepted, and already has a couple nice client endorsements.

On his own Web site, he does provide his Avvo ratings profile as well as other social networks he belongs to including Facebook and Twitter. I like the guy’s Twitter page and actually just followed him 10 seconds ago.

This example could be a great opportunity for attorneys. It’s fine to hire Internet marketers to help you become visible online, but there is so much more that you can do yourself. Embrace the recommendation age. It’s not going away.

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