Obama, Joe Biden as VP, and the Wikipedia and Twitter Race

So, Senator Obama has now officially named Joe Biden as his running mate. Many of us had our eyes peeled to our text messages to find this out 30 seconds before (or 3 hours after) CNN announces it. 🙂

Regarding social media, someone last night decided to joke that Summer Glau would be Obama’s running mate on Wikipedia.

umm... ok

umm... ok

I’m guessing this Wikipedia user is already banned. 🙂

How long will it take for someone to add the Joe Biden announcement on Barack Obama’s Wikipedia page? My guess is about 5 seconds. The same will probably happen on Joe Biden’s Wikipedia page.

The Twitter updates for Obama and Biden are just flooded right now.
Check out Twitter searches for Obama VP and Joe Biden. The frequency of Tweets are just incredible! This just shows the power of social media at its best.

Non-partisan, my hero is whoever is in charge of the overall Obama social media campaign.

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