Local Ratings and User Reviews – Practice What we Preach

As someone who encourages online user-reviews for local businesses, as a consumer I haven’t provided many other than a couple honest Yahoo user reviews.

Google has somewhat-recently added direct user-reviews to Google Maps (Local). Today, I had the opportunity to add one.

Not a big story, but Northwestern Tire took great care of me back in 2001 when I was driving a crappy, used Saturn. In 2002, I bought a new car which now has close to 70k miles.

This morning, the starter decided to quit. I called Northwestern Tire, and in under a half hour an owner and employee were at my place to help push-start my car into 2nd gear to avoid towing charges. They were very honest and the new starter is much less than I figured.

The car will be ready in the morning and they will be picking me up to get it.

So, thank you Northwestern Tire and here is my Google Maps user review for you.

This is just one example of how local businesses can encourage user reviews. Embrace it!

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One Response to Local Ratings and User Reviews – Practice What we Preach

  1. Heather says:

    wow. i got a warm fuzzy feeling after reading that. people like that do still exist? even in the big city?

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