Bro-Sis Photography Marketing Update – Our Marketing Package Title, Facebook Ads, and a New Newsletter

Every time I post regarding the Bro-Sis photography marketing project, I think there’s nothing to say. It turns out there is quite a bit, especially since it’s been awhile. We’ve both been busy with other priorities.

First, we do have a description and an almost-finished title for those who will be attending our speaking engagements. Tentatively, we’re shooting for January 1 to be ready. Here’s a fun little email exchange we had this morning regarding the title:

Heather: “How To Make the Internet Your Marketing Bitch”. What do you think?

Me: I honestly absolutely love that title.

Heather: As much as I love the name, I think we’ll have to tone it down a bit for certain audiences. Any ideas?

Me: How about “How To Make the Interwebz Your Marketing Biznatch”? I find that “biznatch” is a more polite way of saying “bitch”.

Heather: Did Danielle (our niece) teach you that?

So, we need to change the word “bitch” to something that relates to photography and results. Any suggestions? Feel free to reply!

Heather’s also decided to start running Facebook CPC ads. Originally, she’s going to target married Madison females ages 24 and up and will set a daily cap. It looks like this will go out to around 1500 Facebook users.

This may be a broad demographic. If she’s reaching her daily cap too early, she’s ready to use tags to target mothers, children, and religious interests which apparently knocks this down to around 80 Facebook users. We’ll keep you posted of the results.

Heather also sent out a Constant Contact email to current clients with new information regarding the Tin Shed pictoblog, the Tin Shed Facebook page, her new Web site, as well as a notes about her infant son Carver and the Operation Smile campaign. The newsletter was sent out today and already half of them were opened.

Today, she also filled out a “local information” document I sent to her to fully display her in many local profile sites including Google and Yahoo Local, and different Internet Yellow Pages. So, I’ll be pretty busy submitting the listings. 🙂

In the meantime, check out her consulting blog. Turns out that Mazomanie, WI (where her studio is) hit the big time.

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One Response to Bro-Sis Photography Marketing Update – Our Marketing Package Title, Facebook Ads, and a New Newsletter

  1. Ranjana says:


    Nice post.
    Liked her blog too!


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