WebAwards Winners: Risdall and GetLegal.com

Founded in 1997, WebAward.org has recognized the best Web sites, now in 96 industries. There are a couple cool companies recognized in their latest Web awards.

First, Twin-Cities based Risdall Advertising Agency wins the award for most outstanding achievement in Web site development. I don’t know them other then linking to them on my blogroll, and a couple of them commenting on localmn blog posts. Big congrats to Risdall!

Next, huge congrats to GetLegal.com, also a Web site development award winner. I’m biased on this since I know them. If I didn’t love Minnesota so much, I’d bug the omni-present Akhil Saklani for a position in DFW. They’re doing some great things in search marketing, especially in video optimization.

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2 Responses to WebAwards Winners: Risdall and GetLegal.com

  1. Thanks Paul, it’s definitely nice to get recognition. We don’t know each other and I don’t have your email so shoot me one and let’s change that!


  2. Paul Jahn says:

    You bet Chris! It’s pjahn @ localmn.com. Usually I try to meet up w/ people at the MIMA events although I’ve missed the last few.

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