How About Using Twitter for Customer Service?

In the last year, Twitter has been quite the buzz for online marketers. We use it in different ways. It could be for pimping out events, linking to different blog posts, or just random tweets about our pet peeves, what we’re eating tonight, or the status from the latest Vikings game.

It’s been a marketing tool, but it can be a better customer service tool (I’m a big fan of customer service), especially if you have an e-commerce site.

If you’re in customer service, you can do a Twitter search for your company to see what people are saying about you. They may be great, or not so great. With a Twitter account, it gives you a proactive opportunity to thank happy (and viral) customers, and to help unhappy customers.

Embrace customers, proactively help with returns or shipping issues, and let your customers know that you care.

Zappos is probably the best example with over 450 employees using Twitter. Many of them are in customer service and most likely retain plenty of repeat customers because their relations with consumers. Twitter is viral. Many like myself also follow Tony Hsieh, the CEO, and what he’s up to.

A couple of other examples: (not e-commerce)

I’m not the hugest fan of Comcast (mostly because of their anti-Net Neutrality stance). I do follow @comcastcares because I truly believe that if I have a problem with their service, Frank will proactively get back to me.

JetBlue Airways does something similar. Follow them and they will proactively let you know of flight delays and other news regarding JetBlue airlines.

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2 Responses to How About Using Twitter for Customer Service?

  1. I believe that Twitter will be used more and more for customer service issues. Our company uses Twitter to share customer service ideas, thoughts, and articles right now, as we work to assist companies in monitoring and improving customer service levels.

    I also follow Comcast and Zappos and am impressed with their use of Twitter to help customers. More companies should follow this lead!

  2. Aaron Weiche says:

    Howdy Paul- Currently Twitter does seem to be best fitted for customer love/service type situations. I think it will be interesting to see what happens if the Twitter audience becomes larger and even allows very small businesses to use it for CS. As a web firm, it would be interesting to handle various CMS support and tips through Twitter as long as that’s where our audience was. Maybe we are headed for some Twitter like tools that are a bit more channel segmented.

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