Favorite MN Posts of the Week – Selective Social Media, Yellow Pages Decline, and being all Politically

It’s been awhile since I’ve given a favorite posts of the week, so here ya’ go.

Caroline Melberg from Small Business Mavericks writes on Social Media Success in 5 Easy Steps. There are some great tips and my favorite is point #1: Pick one social media network. In my opinion, instead of joining hundreds of social sites for inbound linking purposes, just join a few that you can contribute valuable information. Who cares if they are no-followed links?


Ed Kohler and myself share a similar opinion regarding printed Yellow Pages. It winds up their usage dropped 10% this last year. I’m fine with those who find the print usage useful, but am not a fan of them carpet dropping spam. Check out the Phone Book Chuck-it challenge, and Ed’s video of returning a Verizon book to the source.


Being all politically, definitely go out and vote whether you’re for McCain, Obama, Nader, or whoever. With that said, please don’t robo-call me saying that Obama is friendly with terrorists. Not cool. You’re trying to lower my intelligence level.

MNspeak has a thread regarding this.

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