How Attorneys and Avvo Utilize Twitter

A few weeks ago, I was excited to see that the folks at Avvo are using Twitter as a communication tool. I happen to be both a fan of Avvo and Twitter, and am glad to see them put this to use.

Here are just a few examples of how both Avvo and attorneys use Twitter:

@avvoblog is the Legal Community Manager at Avvo and uses Twitter for different reasons. So far it’s partly to brand themselves while linking to relevant information on their blog, and partly to simply communicate with different attorneys on more of a personal level.

@kevinokeefe is a former trial attorney of 17 years and runs a well-known and respected legal blog. Kevin tweets about upcoming speaking presentations, mentions his blog posts and blogging services, organizes informal meetups in cities he’s heading to, and even personalizes it with tweets about his allegiance to the Cubs and Packers.

@samglover is Samuel J. Glover, an attorney and blogger based here in the Twin Cities. He uses Twitter more as a personal communications tool than others, and that’s great! I found him by accident actually, and it turns out that Sam and @edkohler has given a recent presentation to attorneys on how to leverage social media. He’s a funny guy as well and recently deducted me 10 “punk points” via Twitter for going to Best Buy to buy the new Dillinger Four CD (I admit, that’s just wrong).

I hope I never need his legal services (consumer debt collection) but know who to go to if needed based on the trust he portrays to me online.

@ThatLawyerDude is Tony Colleluori, a well-known criminal defense lawyer from Long Island, New York. He uses Twitter as a communication tool to other attorneys and as a marketing tool for those who may need his services. I enjoy reading his tweets as he’s funny and open, yet also direct. Just from reading his tweets, you can tell he loves the court room and is proud of his efforts.

I feel connected with the above Twitter users in different ways. It does all involve trust.

Hey, if you’re an attorney, Twitter (and also Avvo) can be a valuable communications tool. How you want to go about it is up to you. Personal injury trial lawyers would definitely want to portray a different message than an attorney who specializes in elder law and estate planning. If you decide to join Twitter, follow the attorneys I mention above. It can at least give you an idea on how you want to portray yourself, it will most likely give you some good networking contacts, and maybe even attract new clients.

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