Favorite Posts of the Week – Print Yellow Pages and Being a “Paper Termite”

Indeed an honor, it’s nice to be known as a “paper termite”.

A recent Kelsey Blog post labeled Yellow Pages “Paper Termites” Are Winning talks about an opening session at a recent YP conference from Ken Clark, a widely-known print book advocate. He’s criticized anti-print Yellow Pages posts on this blog a few times, and that’s ok. I’m cool with being a paper termite.

Although he likes to belittle those of us who find the print books absolutely useless and outdated by the time they’re printed, I do respect the guy. He’s passionate about his industry, and I’ll be one of many to say that the Internet Yellow Pages are essential, whether on its own or through their relationships with search engines.

I’ll go a couple steps further. For one, my limited knowledge tells me that the percentage of post-consumer waste in developing print books by far exceeds the standard 30% which is officially considered green.

Secondly, In the Kelsey post, here’s a print book tactic he recommends:

Offering a third-party opt-out clearinghouse to get under the opt-out movement.

Ken, if you’re able to do this effectively, kudos to you. This is arguably the biggest beef of the anti-print book crowd. Even though many consumers do use the print Yellow Pages, many who find them useless can’t stand the multiple print books a year bombed on their doorsteps. I really think that implementing an easy third-party opt-out like you’re implying could help your quest in leveling the playing field.

Other Yellow Pages posts include a Search Engine Land post by Greg Sterling titled Relying on Print Yellow Pages? Most Local Customers Turn To The Web! According to a latest study, search engines now narrowly outnumber the Yellow Pages for primary sources to retrieve local information.

The last post is actually a YouTube video from Ed Kohler, who kicks my tail at inline skating events. It’s more than a week old, but shows a fun way on how he deals with the many print books that carpet-bomb his doorstep.

Any thoughts on the print Yellow Pages from the readers here?

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