Let’s Play Hockey! and JMS Combining Social and Mainstream Media

If you’re in Minnesota, you know the three words Let’s Play Hockey before every home Wild game. If you’re not in or from Minnesota, we sorta’ like hockey. 🙂

More on this below, but JMS Hockey is a program to bring beginning-to-intermediate skaters together for organized, pick-up team play at indoor rinks across the Twin Cities metro area.

They recently started a very cool social media campaign. They have their own Facebook profiles, a public Facebook page (check out the RSS connect for ice times), a brand new Flickr photo group, an even newer YouTube profile, and my guess is you’ll see them on Twitter.

What’s cool is how they’ve integrated this with mainstream media. Fox 9 News has already been in contact with Barbara Garn (JMS head honcho). Turns out they put out a TV segment with her. The video is already on their YouTube profile, Facebook page, on the JMS forum, and now here.

I’m loving the fact that many Twin Cities mainstream media embraces the social Web. Maybe Jason DeRusha at WCCO would like to cover this more? He’s simply the guru of embracing Web with mainstream media.

About JMS, my affiliation is simply knowing both Barb and Andy Baird. When I moved to Minneapolis in 1999, I was looking for something exactly like this. I’m horrible at hockey, yet I just have a blast.

At any level-one session, you’ll play with some people who have some talent along with some who can barely stand up in skates. The experienced people are there to help you with the rules such as icing, off-sides, and not jacking people square in the ribs (separate story).

It’s a hell of a workout, too. 90 minutes straight with a rolling bench. If you’re looking to burn calories, skate with me! I can’t tell you how rewarding it is.

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2 Responses to Let’s Play Hockey! and JMS Combining Social and Mainstream Media

  1. Tover says:

    Don’t mistake social networking with a for profit business. What may have started as an outlet for those new to hockey has quickly turned to a money maker. If you criticize the operation, you are swiftly censored.

  2. Paul Jahn says:

    Thanks for the reply Tover.

    I’ll never mistake social networking with a for-profit business. I highly encourage it actually.

    From reading your post, you and I probably have different views of JMS and that’s more than fine. I do like the fact they’ve been able to mesh both traditional marketing with social media/networking.

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