Happy New Years! Resolutions or Goals for 2009?

First, it’s now 2009 and Happy New Years to all! I hope your New Years parties and activities were fun and safe!

It’s now time for new resolutions. Definitely share yours as I’d love to see them. Here are some I hope to accomplish, both professionally and personally:

1) Write more Search Engine Guide posts. I don’t write enough for them and it’s an opportunity that’s not taken for granted.

2) New site redesign. It’s overdue and localmn.com needs to be streamlined and more integrated with social media. Plans have already been made. I’m excited!

3) Finish an inline skate marathon in under two hours. In the last 2-1/2 years, I’ve completed nine of these. Some have been local (St. Paul, Duluth) and some I’ve traveled to (Chicago, Houston). Finishing times have consistently ranged from 2h-12m to 2h-21m. Time to step it up.

4) Become a better public speaker. It’s not my forte and will probably be thrown to the lions from the bro-sis project. (more to come soon on that)

5) Get in better physical shape. See #3.

6) Travel for pleasure to somewhere other than Washington State. I always seem to go there. Any suggestions?

These are a few goals on this end for 2009. How about yours? I’d love to hear them, and once again, Happy New Year!

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