Facebook is So Last Tuesday. I Twitter Now.

It’s seems strange, but there is a mentality now where people (and marketers) are abandoning Facebook (and Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) to use Twitter instead.

So, to start a 2009 goal/resolution I finally wrote a new Search Engine Guide post yesterday showing how important it is for businesses to use all social media including Blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

The example I used is in the article, but it explains how (as a consumer) I purchased a Kodak digital camera because of Kodak’s great use of many forms of social media. I really like Twitter, but if they were to concentrate their social efforts flooding me with Twitter updates only, I wouldn’t have given them any consideration.

I asked this in the SEG post too, but as consumers, have you made specific purchases due to positive experiences you’ve had in social media? If so, feel free to share!

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2 Responses to Facebook is So Last Tuesday. I Twitter Now.

  1. Cool!
    I love that’s Social networking website!

  2. Mike Cotton says:

    I think that a lot of people like the simplicity of Twitter. with Facebook, there’s so much to work with. Twitter simply narrows it down to a status update. It’s actually quite addicting.

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