Thoughts on the Herbert Brothers & Winning the Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest

When thinking of a great overall social media campaign, one word often comes to mind: Obama. I’ve heard of many businesses now wanting the “Obama” social media campaign. This is great, but he had one distinct advantage. He was already immensly popular.

Enter the Herbert Brothers – self described as “two nobodies from nowhere”. These “nobodies” from Batesville, Indiana not only won the Doritos Super Bowl contest, but are receiving $1 million from Doritos for winning the 2009 USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter.

If you haven’t seen the ad, here ’tis. Fun fact: Neither Joe or Dave Herbert act in the commercial, but they have framed pictures of themselves at the upper-right of the vending machine. Very cool.

My opinion? It’s funny, it’s slaphappy, and who doesn’t laugh out loud seeing a guy getting hit in the junk? It’s a perfect Super Bowl ad!

With that said, let’s enter social media. They put up a social site called Doritos Vote. It includes their social sites including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr,, Twitter, and and link to watch the video. It also includes bios for the actors, directors, and a fun Flash page to allow you to try and throw a snowglobe at Don Becker’s junk.


Their Facebook fan page lets me view an extended outake, their Flickr photo-sharing sets allows me to view behind-the-scenes photos, and their YouTube channel lets me view current and older videos.

All of this convinced me to daily vote for their commercial. It probably helped that I already know Joe via online and the Search Engine Guide interview I gave him a couple years ago when they were also finalists.

In addition to their commercial, here they are on the Today Show:

And on Leno:

I’m hoping to give them a Search Engine Guide interview on how they leveraged social media in the future. It might be difficult since they now have big-budget media and most likely agencies that are dying to get a hold of them. They’re no longer “nobodies from nowhere”.

Congrats again, Joe and Dave!

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